HCG Diet

Many people don’t understand the real root of why they are obese or can’t lose the weight. They may realize that their eating habits are poor, but they don’t understand why, when they attempt to change their diet, it is so difficult or seems radical. Think about it – if your body is used to consuming a certain number of calories comprised of a certain number of foods it is only natural that when you try to take those foods away from your body it is confused. It doesn’t understand and it can’t adjust. Many times your body can actually be addicted to the poor food choices.

For example, people that eat fast food regularly, unconsciously develop an addiction to this food. Even if you are only eating it on the weekends or trying to limit it, your brain still associates it with foods you take in. If you go back to eating healthy food during the week, your brain still anticipates fast food on the weekend. So, cutting back on bad foods will help you in the end, but will be extremely difficult to begin initially.

For this reason, having HCG drops to help you with this will ensure a smoother weight loss transition. The first few days might be difficult, but the drops will help you feel full, curb your appetite and eliminate any negative factors that usually arise with crash diets. If you’re ready to purchase HCG or need more information, please visit this site.

Taking the slim diet to the next level:

If it continues to keep you thin, why not stick on it? Because you want to make sure your body isn’t getting used to any one thing. Variety is the key. The more you can change up work outs and meal plans, the better you will lose weight and become healthy. The easier this is done the faster we lose weight!

When you use a low calorie diet and take HCG drops, this method can be super effective for weight loss. This can be used for weight loss and does not even incorporate regular exercise. The time spent on the diet will depend on how much weight you are looking to lose. If you need to lose about 15-20 pounds or less, you should stay on the treatment for about 26 days. You may stop at any point if you have lose the desired amount of weight fast enough and proceed to the third phase of the diet of maintenance.

You can take the drops for approximately 23 days if that works better. But after you get to a good goal weight, then stop taking the drops and slowing work back to eating a normal calorie diet.

Because you were eating a 500 calorie diet for an extended amount of time (even though you are burning more in energy and fat), your body will not be used to higher calorie intakes. For starters, you don’t want to ramp it back up to 2000 calories right away. And for most, maintaining the weight will mean continuing on a 1500-1800 calorie diet. Some may need to do less but you should also be incorporating working out now as well. The maintenance period is probably the most difficult for people. Without the HCG drops anymore it is your responsibility to work at losing the weight and keeping it off.

If you must go back on the diet, wait a few weeks so your body can adjust and prepare to enter the diet phase again. You cannot eat any starch or sugar-rich food for 3 weeks in this phase. After that you can eat what you’d like but you will need to keep moderation in mind. It is important to stop the drops at some point so that you can have a break and your body can adjust. If it were to stay on the drops for an extended period of time, your body will no longer see their potency and the results will slip. It will greatly hinder any attempts at losing the remaining weight; this is why a break is necessary.

Regardless of how you take the HCG, (injections or drops) you must be willing to eliminate sugars, starches, and alcohol from your diet. The more you avoid these the greater the success rate. They can alter your results greatly and really prevent you from losing the weight you want.

If you are an athletic person trying to lose weight, it is important that you cut back on your physical activity. Too much exercise while on the HCG diet may cause you to become sick, dizzy, faint, or cause you to lose too much weight at worst case. Make sure you consult a doctor first if you have any ongoing conditions.


Natural Weight Loss

Weight loss is an extremely unhealthy obsession going on in the U.S. today. It is a result of having poor eating habits. Having poor eating habits and not being aware of your weight and health can be taxing on your well being. Disrupting your well being can disrupt the rest of your life and make it difficult to focus on what’s important. The best thing you can do once you realize being overweight is cutting into the state of your well being is to begin a weight loss program that can better your body, your health and the way you feel about yourself.

Many people think that gaining weight is simply a hindrance on self image and how we appear to other people. While this can definitely suffer, our health is actually more important. It is important not to resort to weight loss supplements that can be dangerous for our health and even jeopardize weight loss. Some people begin gaining weight when they take supplements because it can shift your body’s natural dynamics and you may suffer weight gain as a negative side effect. Most people do not talk about that when supplements are brought up in terms of weight loss, but it is a risk you should be aware of.

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Extra fat on someone’s body can significantly increase their chances of suffering from a heart attack and joints and back pain. Dealing with these stressed will be detrimental to anyone’s health. If you lose weight before it’s too late you can reduce and avoid the risk of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and other health problems while also just expanding your years. It has been discovered that one’s physiology is what determines weight gain and loss. Internal functions of an overweight person are extremely different than those of a small, slender, healthier person. These functions can cause extreme pangs of hunger and cravings.

An alternative, yet similar method to the HCG diet is doing a cleanse. HCG does cleanse your system of toxins and ensures that the body is as clean as possible. Cleanses work the same way. Some people try to take a few days to a week of just eating raw, wholesome foods. Most stick to lots of water, green tea and raw fruits and vegetables. They may throw in a little whole grain or healthy protein to keep their metabolism kicking. Remember you don’t want to neglect whole food groups for an extended period of time. The African Mango is another interesting diet technique that can help to lose weight. This type of mango helps to lose weight because of its hunger suppressant qualities.

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The best tip is walking. Walking can get rid of a lot of unnecessary weight with little effort. It also clears the mind. Go for an hour walk a day, you won’t regret it!

Next, get a work out buddy! If you have someone alongside you to push your fitness limits it will really motivate you to continue. It’s easy to not go to the gym when it’s only you deciding. But if you have a friend to intervene and make you go, you get there! And once you’re there you have someone next to you to continue to push you. It goes both ways; you can push your friend in the same way and work with each other to both accomplish your weight loss goals.

Make sure you are snacking. Snacks can be the foundation for any diet if you choose the correct foods to munch on. Try some celery and hummus, this will fill you up because it has protein but won’t weigh you down with calories.

Make sure you are eating fat! This may sound backwards but it is very important to get good fats into your system. Fat from avocado and coconuts are beneficial to the body and can keep you satisfied longer. Just keep things in moderation and don’t go overboard!

Unsweetened cocoa can be the answer to your weight loss qualms! That’s right – chocolate, or some form of it. Make sure you stay away from the ones that add cream, milk, sugar or anything else to sway the health benefits of cocoa. Cocoa powder can stop the deposition of fat and curb your hunger. It also is known to help people live longer because of the high amount of antioxidants in it.


Fastest Weight Loss Program

There are many weight loss programs out today that promise fast weight loss. Some work better than others but it is most important to find one that works best for you! A few of the diets claiming “faster” results are the paleo diet and the HCG diet. First, let’s see what the Paleo diet has for us.

It is one of the most popular diets today and has been termed the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet works to bring the body back to a time when we ate everything straight from the earth. That means raw vegetables, fruits, non-processed meats, etc. It has been confirmed that meals with grains and large-glycemic carbs can cause weight gain with their high calories.

Some people call this the “caveman” diet because you can cook any of the foods offered (until raw, vegan diets also popular right now and focusing on eating all natural foods) and make them taste great. Items you are able to eat while on this weight loss program: grass-fed meats, fish or seafood, veggies and fresh fruits, eggs, seeds and nuts and healthy oils such as walnut, macadamia, olive, flaxseed, avocado and coconut.

Foods that you need to avoid are dairy, refined sugars, processed foods, potatoes, salt, cereal and grains, legumes including peanuts and refined veggie oils. It’s not as difficult to eat Paleo as some thin. Most people are put off when they see the limitations but if you think about it there are plenty of food options on this diet. It is also a great diet because it does not cut out protein, good fats, etc. like many other diets do. It is balanced; it is just a little different than many other traditional diets.

For breakfast you can have an omelet! Sauté veggies in olive oil and add eggs and some chicken breast for a delicious omelet with lots of healthy omega-3s and nutrition. A good rule of thumb for any diet, and especially on Paleo, is to eat salad at lunch. Even if you are not following a strict Paleo diet this tip can come in handy. Making this one change with help with weight loss.

Slim Down In One Week

There are many different reasons why people may want to lose weight fast. Maybe you have a special event coming up. Maybe you forgot about a cousins wedding or you want to look good for an upcoming party. Although it is not safe to try to lose extensive amounts of weight in a short amount of time, below are some tips that can help you lose 5-10lbs in a week if need be.

  • Drink water. We’ve all heard that before, but its true. Although it may be tasteless, it really gets your body and metabolism going. It can keep you energized and help you burn more fat. Also it is good for digestion.
  • Cutting back on the foods you love can make a big difference. Unfortunately, all the good foods have to be bad for you weight wise. Bread, rice, pasta are just a few of the simple carbs that can cause bloating and leave you feeling hungry, hindering you to overeat later.
  • Doing cardio at least 30 minutes a day can also help. You can do any work out that gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Try to go for something that uses multiple muscles at the same time. This will help burn more calories. Try simple things like running in place, jumping jacks, dancing, or kickboxing.
  • Try to do 30 pushups and lunges each day or every other day. They will help tone your muscle and get to the core areas that you may not pay attention to such as the upper body and the area around the thighs.
  • Get enough sleep, and then get some more. Do not over sleep, however, getting a half hour to a couple hours more of sleep can refresh you and help you make better food choices. Seven to eight hours of sleep is best, but it all depends on how hard you work during the day and what your daily routine is.
  • Another thing that can be beneficial although it is not recommended all the time is, drinking coffee about an hour before you work out. Experts say this will energize you and allow you to workout longer or harder without even realizing it.

HCG Diet Success & Risks

hcgdietThe newest, most revolutionary diet is the HCG Diet. The HCG diet delivers real results and can harness weight loss in the most obese persons. HCG diet drops are  a great way to begin your weight loss journey. Many people use the HCG diet similar to how you would use a cleanse. It is a rather strict diet that should not be followed for life, but it does a great job at kicking bad habits, causing successful weight loss, and reprogramming your brain!

When HCG drops are combined with a low calorie diet, the drops can be extremely effective for a method to lose weight. This method requires no exercise and actually discourages it so that your body ‘s energy can be focused on burning fat! The diet is really great for any weight loss goal. Some people go on the diet to lose 10 pounds while others strive to lose 60. Either goal is possible; it will just require staying on the diets for different lengths of time. For example, those wanting to lose somewhere in the middle, such as 15-20 lbs, a good length for the diet would be 26 days. The diet consists of different phases.

HCG Phases

The loading phase lasts for 2 days prior to beginning to take the HCG drops. During this phase you need to consume as much healthy fats as possible, to give your body a good start when beginning to burn stored fat and have a lot of healthy fats to keep it feeling full. Make sure you enjoy as many of these good fats as possible in the two days prior.

The drops phase will consist of a strict 500 calorie restriction plan while taking the HCG drops as each bottle describes. During this time you should see about a 1-2 pound weight loss daily depending on how strict you are being. There’s no secret that even if this diet is “easy weight loss” adjusting to the 500 calorie diet can be a change. But the more closely you follow the guidelines, the more weight you will lose.

After staying on the diet for as long as you wish to, you will enter the third phase. In this phase you will no longer take the drops and ease yourself into eating a regular calorie diet. But it is important to still stick to the meal plans as far as what you are consuming. If you simply go back to your old eating habits you will most likely gain the weight back and all your hard work will be for nothing. Remember, this is a lifestyle change and the drops acts as a way to kick start that. While eating the low calorie diet you should learn restriction and portion control to better understand what you are putting into your body and why.

Risk Factors

Many people prefer to use HCG in the form of injections. There can be side effects associated with the injections. Due to the fact that a woman’s body creates HCG to administer pregnancy, the injections can increase the chances of becoming pregnant by stimulating the ovaries. It can also cause ectopic pregnancies.

For men, occasionally because of the estrogen, the breasts may become enlarged as well as the prostate. This can cause unwanted discomfort. These injections should be avoided if history of prostate problems exist.

Similar to any other intravenous drug, HCG injections do pose a risk of serious infection. The risk of infection increases when administered at home. The needles should always be sterile. Use alcohol or peroxide to sterilize the injection site before administering.

Even though it is a natural aid for weight loss, it is important to know the risks and side effects of the injections. You need to decide if the benefits are worth it. Since the injections are fairly new, it may be best to use the HCG diet drops instead.